There is a strong, ongoing love story between Arabs and music. You are sure to see them shimmying to any tune that comes up, no matter where they are.

Even adding their own Arab touch to it by either playing tabla to Western music or dancing dabkeh to anything with a quick tempo. 

Take a look at these 15 songs, and remember how they caused a wave of obsession across the Arab world. 

1. MTM - Omy Mesafra (2003)

Egyptian rap crew MTM's catchy Omy Mesfra (My mom is traveling) was, and still is, the anthem of all party animals when their parents are away. 

2. Michelle Keserwany - Jagal El USEK (2010)

Michelle Keserwany's Jagal El USEK (USEK's badass) made its way to every Lebanese and Arab phone, reaching 1 million views on YouTube.

Later in their musical career, Keserwany and her sister Noel, released many songs tackling corruption and more parodies.

3. Nancy Ajram - Aah W Noss (2004)

With over 45 million views on YouTube, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram's song Aah W Noss (Yes, I mean it) was an empowering moment for women who wanted to get rid of their men...

4. Abu ft. Yousra - 3 Daqat (2017)

This song became a hit sensation as both Egyptians, singer Abu and iconic actress Yousra, sung the duet to all Arabs. 

In less than four months, 3 Daqat (Three beats) reached over 170 million views on YouTube, triggering endless covers by Arabs.

5. Cheb Khaled - C'est la vie (2012)

Cheb Khaled's songs have always been the Arab crowd's favorite, whether it is the famous Aicha or C'est la vie (This is life.) 

His songs are played at every Arab club, wedding, and any other occasion you can think of. 

6. Saad Lamjarred - Lm3allem (2015)

Saad Lamjarred's hit song Lm3allem (The master) has reached a whopping 590 million views as many Arabs became big fans of the Moroccan singer and actor. 

7. Babylone - Zina (2011)

If your name is Zeina or Zina, you probably had everyone sing it to you at some point in time. Babylone's Zina has reached over 95 million views on YouTube.

8. Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee - Despacito (2017)

The unofficial anthem of the world's 2017 summer, Despacito was sung by Arabs everywhere, to the point they contributed to over 32 million of the total 4 billion views. 

This song was covered by numerous Arabs around the world, whether they were parodies, oud versions, or brilliant mashups.

9. Oka & Ortega - El3ab Yala (2017)

The song appeared in many parodies and funny videos, especially around the holidays with big family gatherings.

The song reached over 107 million views and is guaranteed to make any Arab wedding guests jump up and down.

10. Super Sako & Hayko - Mi Gna (2017)

Super Sako's Mi Gna is the Arab world's favorite Armenian song. Your obsession probably led you to sing along once or twice, but you gave up eventually and now wait for the "mi gna, mi gna" part.

11. Darine - Aiwa Aiwa (2004)

If you've burst into random "Aiwa aiwa, ghanou ma3e, yalla yalla" moments, then you've surely obsessed over Arab-Swedish Darine's song Aiwa Aiwa.

12. Ragheb Alama - El Hob El Kibir (2004)

The sentence "Enta el hob el kibir" was, and still is, a silly Arab pick up line, because you know the other person will reply with "El awal wel akhir." 

Lebanese Ragheb Alama's song reached over 10 million views on YouTube.

13. Haifa Wehbe - Boos El Wawa (2006)

Boos El Wawa (Kiss the owie) has over 5 million views on YouTube. 

Haifa Wehbe's songs are enjoyed by many, as this one became a nursery rhyme all over the Arab world.

14. Hussain Al Jassmi - Boshret Kheir (2014)

With over 282 million views on YouTube, Hussain Al Jassmi's hit song Bouchrit Kheir (Good news), was not only loved by Egyptians as it encouraged them to vote but was heard blasting all over the Arab world.

15. Maan Barghouth - Hala Bel Khamis (2017)

Barghouth's Hala Bel Khamis (Welcome Thursday) became the tune to many jokes, memes, and sketches, reaching over 4.4 million views. Even Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri filmed a velfie with the singer. 

Barghouth gained fame as he now has over 280,000 followers and several snippets with celebrities singing his famous hit.