Luis Fonsi's music video for 'Despacito' featuring Daddy Yankee broke the record for the most viewed video of all time on YouTube, garnering over 3 billion views at the time of writing. 

Statistics carried out by YouTube have revealed that the music video has been viewed over 1 million times in over 99 countries ... and Moroccans have contributed the highest number of views from one specific Arab country. 

According to statistics shared with StepFeed via email, Morocco contributed 12 million views to the record-breaking number. 

This was followed by Saudi Arabia and Egypt with 10 million views from each country respectively. 

The video is currently the most liked video in YouTube history ... and here's a breakdown of views from several Arab countries: 

Tunisia and Algeria: 7 million views from each country

United Arab Emirates: 5 million views

Iraq and Jordan: 3 million views from each country

Kuwait and Lebanon: 2 million views from each country

Palestine, Qatar and Syria: 1 million views from each country

It took just "203 days for the official music video for Despacito to become the most viewed video in YouTube history"

People's love for 'Despacito' was too strong that one country banned it

People all over the world had this song on repeat since the beginning of summer ... up until Malaysian fans were faced with a ban. 

In July, Malaysia officially banned the record breaking song from state radio and TV channels. The decision came days after the song set a global streaming record, garnering more than 4.6 billion plays across all streaming platforms since its release in January. 

Officials at the state-owned broadcaster RTM received complaints from the public regarding the "sexually explicit" song lyrics. 

"The song was filled with numerous sexual references and innuendos and thus wholly inappropriate to be aired by our national media outlets for our general public, especially children," Salleh Said Keruak, communications minister, told CNNMoney.