hala bl khamees
Source: YouTube

In 2016, Saudi-based singer Maan Barghouth released a short music clip welcoming the weekend, which in Gulf and Muslim countries begins on Thursdays. 

Titled "Hala bil Khamis" ("Welcome Thursday") the tune has eventually evolved into a meme and is now being used as background music for other videos, some more inappropriate than others. 

The trend has somehow kept its momentum ... and this week, Lebanese Twitter exploded with a bunch of "Hala bil Khamis" tweets and memes despite the fact that Friday is a working day in the country with the official weekend falling on Saturdays and Sundays.

So ... thank God it's Friday, and without further ado, here are the funniest #HalaBilKhamis posts from Lebanon. 

1. You know the obsession is real when someone gets the phrase tattooed on their body

2. WARNING: Despacito is being overruled

3. Some want Despacito back though

4. "Mean Girls" references soon followed

5. This joke won the internet

6. No need for a calendar, your Whatsapp notifications will do it for you

7. A "Hala bel Khamis" trigger

8. #FirstOfAll twists dominated the conversation

9. Lebanon was put under the spotlight

10. "I can't even open my camera roll in public anymore"

11. A "Hala bel Khamis" rap coming soon? PLEASE

12. Some are just fed up ... and aren't afraid to say it

13. Others just simply don't get it ... and probably never will