If you, like myself, do not get what the hype around Justin Bieber's Despacito is all about and are just tired of hearing it everywhere you go, you might be up for a change of heart.

A young musician from Yemen, Ahmed Alshaiba, just released an instrumental cover of the hit song recorded on the oud, the pear-shaped Middle Eastern string instrument.

Alshaiba shared the cover on Facebook and YouTube ... and people are absolutely in love:

It's giving people goosebumps

Definitely better than the original

"So much soul"

Someone wants him to perform at his wedding

His facial expressions reflect true dedication

Not the first time Alshaiba brilliantly covers a popular song

Alshaiba has gained popularity on social media for his oud covers of famous Western songs, as people are finding his innovative Eastern-Western mashups to be quite impressive.

His covers of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You and Sia's Cheap Thrills have each garnered over one million views on YouTube.

Born and raised in Yemen, Alshaiba is self-taught. He plays entirely by ear without reading notes, according to his Facebook page.

He moved permanently to the United States in 2012 and has since played before high-profile audiences that included Hillary Clinton, the President of Turkey as well as the President of Yemen.

"Ahmed Alshaiba is on a mission to help the world appreciate one of the oldest and most beautiful musical instruments ever conceived," he writes.