In 2017, a hyped-up song took over the Arab world, making appearances at all kinds of parties and occasions.

With 101 million views on YouTube, 3 Daqat by Egyptian artist Abu, featuring Yousra, has been named the Arabic song of the year. 

With its growing popularity, many Arabs took it as their duty to pay homage to this song by making their own versions. 

Let's take a look at some of the best:

1. Lama & Costandi Zakharia

Jordanian siblings Lama and Costandi Zakharia created an a capella cover of the famous song, which they dedicated to their late grandmother. 

What makes this cover so special is the fact that it's pure a capella, which clearly shows the beauty of recreating a song with only human voices and sounds. 

2. Donia Anis

This acoustic cover by Donia Anis is a slower take on the hit tune, which has so far amassed over 250k views on YouTube. 

The Cairo-based singer/songwriter hits all the right notes for us to enjoy 3 Daqat in a whole new way.

3. Joelle Bou Harb

This jazzy cover is a fantastic rendition of the song which will take you back to the 1940s. 

This is Bou Harb's first cover on YouTube and we gotta give it to her, it's epic.

4. Andre Soueid

Lebanese violinist Andre Soueid is known on YouTube for creating amazing instrumental covers of popular songs... and of course, 3 Daqat made its way to him. 

In this musical cover, nothing more than the perfect tunes of the violin matter.  

5. Alaa Wardi

This cover by Iranian and Saudi Arabia-based a capella artist Alaa Wardi was a bit inevitable. 

But its execution with the iPhone X's animoji was unexpected, yet fun to watch.