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Popular Iraqi singer, composer, and songwriter Kathem Al-Saher is rumored to have gotten engaged, and his female Arab fans are definitely not happy about it.

News about Al-Saher's relationship with a Tunisian national has been making the rounds on social media, with photos of the couple circulating online.

The 60-year-old musician, who is known for leading a discreet and private life, has not yet made a public statement on the subject. However, according to Syrian journalist Rabei Huneidi, the musician's son has already confirmed the news.

According to some reports, Al-Saher met his 35-year-old partner, known only by her first name Sarah, in London five years ago and has been involved with her ever since.

Rabei Huneidi reported that the musician's son, Wissam Al-Saher, has personally confirmed that his father recently got engaged to Sarah. Meanwhile, sources who spoke to Annahar refuted the news and claimed the musician is not planning to get married.

In a photo that has been making the rounds online, Sarah can be seen with her arm around Al-Saher's shoulder, boasting what appears to be a diamond ring on her right ring finger.

With the ever-charming Kathem Al-Saher being a fan-favorite bachelor, the news of him potentially tying the knot, caused an ultimate meltdown among his female fans:

"Large-scale breakdowns from Kathem Al-Saher's female fans after hearing about his engagement"

"The future of Arab girls' psychological state is in danger"

"If the news about Khathem's engagement turns out to be true, then the future of Arab girls' psychological state is in danger."

Crying GIFs are flooding the interwebs

"They're saying Kathem Al-Saher got engaged."

And so are crying emojis

"Kathem Al-Saher is getting married."

His fans feel betrayed

"I was cheated on and I feel hurt. He betrayed me and got engaged."

So many broken hearts

"I got back home from work, only to hear that Kathem got engaged. That is not fair Caesar (in reference to Al-Saher's title as the Caesar of Arabic Music). What is worse is that she is also named Sarah. Congrats, but of course it is not sincere."

The misery is real

"When I heard the news about Kathem Al-Saher's marriage."

"Existential anxiety"

"Congrats to her, even though I'm in agony"

Sarah, teach us your ways!

"What did Kathem Al-Saher's fiancee do to have such good luck? I want to do the exact same thing."

"Whenever she feels sad, he would cheer her up with a song"

"I envy Kathem Al-Saher's fiancee. I think whenever she feels sad, he would cheer her up with a song."

Meanwhile, this user burst these fans' bubble

"To the girls who are disappointed that Kathem Al-Saher is getting married: So, you were expecting him to propose to you?"