There's no dance that could ever top the dabke, we all have to agree on that. Whether you join in on the fun or sit back and watch people jump up and down with undying energy, there's something about the dance that brings about a true Arab experience filled with culture and tradition.

These 8 songs will just get you off your chair immediately and do the dabke SOLO.

1. It all starts with Fares Karam!

You know the wedding you're attending is not full on Arab if this song isn't played. Or played when those zaffe dancers come out with their instruments and energy...

2. Or wait... Melhem Zein?

Akhhhhh akhhhh, time to get on the dance floor, like right now.

3. This Alaa Zalzali song never gets old...

When the song hits minute 0:50, that's when the dance floor starts shaking.

4. This song gets the party rollin' alright

Because if he were there, you know you won't sit down. It all goes down at 1:18...

5. This is for all the classy dabke dancers

You know, the ones who are scared to fall and break a leg at any moment.

6. This one too?

You know you've probably heard this on a local beach before.

7. And this is for the crazy dancers with sticks flying around in the air

This is only for the pros. Step aside newbies.

8. And this is for everyone. Everyone even el sghiry...

Don't worry, just move with the beat. Simple.