Students who donned traditional Egyptian galabiyas (floor-length garments) for an event held at Asiout University are quickly becoming an internet sensation.  

Even though the event, which dates back to December last year, was first reported as a graduation ceremony, people who attended it said that it came as part of a university function held at the educational institute's engineering department. 

Photos and videos of it resurfaced on Twitter earlier this week and have since gone viral. 

Tweeps are widely circulating news of the event, stating it was held with the aim to revive and celebrate the culture of Egypt's Saeed region, an area of the country where men have long been known to cherish the galabiya.

The garment is not confined to the Saeed region though and is considered popular across Egyptian governorates. 

An event like no other

The "galabiya day" is taking social media by storm

People are widely sharing photos of it

This video of the event has also resurfaced

People absolutely love it

"This is so beautiful."

"They are amazing"


"3ash al Saeed 3ash"

For many, the viral event evoked nostalgia

"I truly miss wearing the galabiya. Saeedi and proud." 

Everyone wants to wear galabiyas now

"After seeing this, I am going to wear my father's galabiya." 

"Get me a galabiya"