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You'd think that married couples who decide to divorce make the decision based on fundamental problems facing their union, but that's not always the case... especially in the Arab world. 

In recent years, several divorce cases made headlines across the region because they were simply just too bizarre. 

Here are a few that would be funny if they weren't true: 

1. The "na7s" divorce

In 2015, the case of a Saudi man who divorced his wife just two days after their wedding because he believed she brought him bad luck, shocked social media users. 

According to Arrajol news site, the man decided to end his marriage because a series of unfortunate events took place during the couple's honeymoon. 

Events like what, you'd ask? A curtain collapsing when the couple entered their hotel suite and a restaurant waiter tripping after he served them dinner. 

The man also explained that after he divorced his wife, he asked her to keep her dowry and all the gifts he'd given her because he was scared she would cast an evil eye on him. 

2. The Cristiano Ronaldo divorce

Earlier last year, a Saudi woman divorced her husband after he beat her because she cheered on Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo during a football game. 

The incident took place during an El Classico game between Real Madrid and Barcelona and saw the wife excitedly root for the player. Angered by her excitement, the man then horrifically attacked her. 

Soon after the assault, the wife went back to her parent's house and filed for divorce.  

3. The sheep's head divorce

In one of the most bizarre divorce cases to ever be reported in the region, a Saudi man divorced his wife because she forgot to add a "sheep's head" to a rice dish she served to his guests. 

The incident took place after a gathering the husband had hosted for his friends, asking his wife to cook for them. 

When she set the table, the husband was upset that she served a rice and meat dish without adding the animal's head to it. 

He immediately walked into the kitchen, screamed at his wife and divorced her, saying she had "disgraced" and "embarrassed" him in front of guests. 

4. The snapchat divorce

Adding to the list of endless weird Arab divorces is the case of the Jordanian man who divorced his wife because she wanted to post photos of their food on Snapchat before they ate during a restaurant outing. 

According to Al Arab news site, the husband was angered by the fact that his wife took "too long" to film their food, even though she knew he was hungry. 

After the man stopped his wife from filming, the two got into a heated argument, which ended with the wife biting her husband's arm. 

He then divorced her right in the middle of the restaurant and left.

5. The Instagram divorce

If you thought the Snapchat divorce was the only one related to social media, you're wrong... there's also one caused by Instagram. 

A Kuwaiti woman divorced her husband because he liked women's pictures on Instagram. 

The woman told lawyer Adnan Al Ebbel she wanted a divorce and when he tried to talk her out of it, asking her to reconsider, she responded saying: 

"If he's liking photos now, what's going to happen further down the line?"

6. The no-sex divorce

An Arab man divorced his bride of six days during the couple's honeymoon because she refused to have sex with him. 

After the husband filed the divorce case, a Dubai Court referred it to the Department of Family Guidance and Reconciliation in a bid to help the couple reconsider their decision. 

The duo was summoned for several counseling sessions, but both refused to amicably resolve the matter and went ahead with the divorce. 

7. The household chore divorce

Last year, Maha, a newlywed Egyptian bride, decided to divorce her husband two weeks into the couple's marriage because he was acting "like a housewife."

Speaking to a local news outlet, the wife said: 

"My husband is a housewife. He doesn't let me touch anything in our house and does all the cooking, cleaning and general household chores. He controls everything in our house, and I have no say in anything, not even where he puts the TV set. Even though he owns his own business, he hired people to manage it, in order for him to stay at home, while I sit and watch." 

At the time the news was reported, Maha had filed an official divorce case against her husband, and had it referred to an Egyptian family court. 

8. The "you're too pretty" divorce

In a case that's just super puzzling, a Saudi man's parents asked him to divorce his Moroccan wife because she was "too young and beautiful." 

Yep, you read that right. 

The man complied with the request and separated from his wife after his family told him that her beauty would make him more prone to people's "evil eyes." 

According to news sources, the wife, who had settled with her husband in Dammam, moved back to her home country after the divorce. 

9. The shawarma divorce

If you thought things couldn't get anymore bizarre when it comes to Arab divorce cases, think again because they will. 

Earlier last year, Sameeha, an Egyptian woman, divorced her husband after he refused to buy her a shawarma wrap. 

In an interview with a local news site, the woman accused her husband of being stingy throughout their marriage, saying that the shawarma incident was the final straw that led her to make a decision to leave him for good. 

10. The birthday surprise divorce

No sane human being would believe that a nice surprise would lead to divorce, but then what bizarre divorce case is based on logic? 

In an incident that made the rounds online last year, a Saudi man divorced his wife because she left home to get a surprise meal for him on his birthday. 

When the husband arrived back home from work and didn't find his wife, he was outraged. The moment she got back home he drove her all the way to her parents' house and told her he was filing for separation. 

A social worker who handled the case at the time said the woman was only a newlywed when the divorce took place.