In a bizarre divorce case that's now making the rounds on Kuwaiti Twitter, a woman decided to end her marriage to her husband because he liked other women's photos on Instagram. 

According to Al Qabas newspaper, the woman visited lawyer Adnan Al Ebbel asking him to file a divorce case against her partner. 

Speaking to the local publication, Al Ebbel said he was shocked when she told him the reason behind her decision. 

"She explained that she wanted to separate from her husband because he'd been liking women's photos on Instagram. I wanted to help her find a solution to the situation and honestly thought there must be other reasons behind her decision," the lawyer explained

Al Ebbel said that when he pressed on, trying to figure out if there was more to the story, the woman, who is adamant on going ahead with her case, responded saying

"If he's liking photos now, what's going to happen further down the line?"

The case is making the rounds online... and people can't even

The shocked reactions to the news are too real

"Ya Rabbah"

"I just can't understand this"

Many are criticizing the reason behind the divorce case

"This doesn't warrant an immediate divorce, it's not a game. She can explain to him that his actions are bothering her." 

"All this over a like, what would she have done if he commented"

"She only did this because she hates him and just wants to get out of the marriage"

Not everyone is questioning the woman's decision though

"You're taking her excuse too lightly, she has a right to do this." 

Divorce rates are on the rise in the Gulf state

According to the most surveys, Kuwait ranks 2nd in the Arab world when it comes to highest divorce rates.

In 2017, statistics released by Kuwait's Ministry of Justice revealed that around 60 percent of marriages in the country ended in divorce. 

The reasons for divorce - outside the traditional reasons - include "interest-driven marriages" which suggests that newly-weds get married for the loans and financial assistance provided to them.