In one of Egypt's most bizarre divorce cases, a newlywed bride decided to divorce her husband two weeks into the couple's marriage because he was acting "like a housewife".

According to Masrawy, the 28-year-old bride, identified as Maha M., recently headed to one of Egypt's family courts demanding that she is granted a divorce from her husband, identified as Mohammad S., because she could no longer handle living with him.

"We've been married for just two weeks, I've known and loved him for over 2 years but I hate living with him and can no longer handle his actions," Maha said

"My husband is a housewife. He doesn't let me touch anything in our house and does all the cooking, cleaning and general household chores. He controls everything in our house, and I have no say in anything, not even where he puts the TV set. Even though he owns his own business, he hired people to manage it, in order for him to stay at home, while I sit and watch," she explained

The court is now looking into the case

The enraged bride went on to add that when she told her husband's mother about his actions, the latter told her he'd never done any chores when he lived with his parents. 

"When I got fed up, I confronted my husband and explained that we each must have our own role in the house. He responded saying that if I wanted to live in 'his house,' I had to follow his rules. A heated argument then ensued between us, and I later decided to leave him," she said

After Maha filed the official divorce case against her husband, she was told a family court will now be looking into it.

The case divided people on social media

Some attacked the bride

"I hope you marry someone who doesn't help you with any chores."

Others wished all men were like her husband

"I wish all men were like him... isn't that better than having to do everything all by yourself while your husband does nothing?"

A few reacted with humor

"Is this type of men imported or made in Egypt?"

"Can I borrow him for a few days, I need help cleaning my apartment"

Not everyone stood against the bride's decision though

"Balance is key in everything."

Some thought the husband might have OCD

"Maybe he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder."