An Arab man decided to divorce his bride of six days during the couple's honeymoon because she refused to have sex with him, Gulf News reported

The bizarre divorce case was registered in a Dubai court of law and came just days after the UAE-based duo flew to Europe to celebrate their union.

According to Gulf News, the newlyweds had been engaged for a while before their wedding and problems only started during their trip abroad. 

The woman accused her husband of being stingy and not buying her things she wanted. Angered by his actions she didn't allow him to consummate the marriage. 

The couple then headed back to Dubai and the man immediately filed for divorce. A court hearing is now scheduled to be held in the case.

The details of the case are quite shocking

Speaking to the English-language publication, a source close to the couple shared details of the case, saying: 

"They did not sleep together during what was a planned and hoped-for honeymoon. The wife didn’t allow her husband to have consensual sex with her." 

"She even accused him of being tight-fisted and stingy in terms of spending money on her. Meanwhile, the husband accuses his wife of being lavish and one who spends money extravagantly and unnecessarily," the source added.

The duo refused to resolve their feud in court-ordered counseling sessions

After the husband filed the divorce case, a Dubai Court referred it to the Department of Family Guidance and Reconciliation in a bid to help the couple reconsider their decision. 

The duo was summoned for several counseling sessions, but both refused to amicably resolve the matter. 

Divorce rates skyrocketing in countries across the Arab world

Divorce rates are rising in several countries across the Arab world including the UAEEgypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait

While most cases can be attributed to reasonable causes, a lot of them can't. More often than not, reports of bizarre divorce cases go viral on social media, sparking meltdowns of the sort.

Experts believe there is a general lack of knowledge when it comes to the core values of marriage and that this is ultimately one of the main reasons behind the rise in divorce cases.