Many people die of natural causes, but in the Arab world, the scenarios might differ just slightly. 

In an Arab household, taking into consideration its many rules and norms, one might come close to death at any minor inconvenience or encounter. 

Here are 30 situations you're advised to avoid if you care to live:

1. On questioning baba

2. On talking back to mama

3. On strong reflexes

4. On avoidable annoyances

5. On forgetting to choose your words wisely

6. On expectations

7. On legal weapons in an Arab household

8. On tricky situations

9. On refusing to be a clean-freak

10. On instant deaths

11. On visiting guests

12. On etiquette

13. On messing with your jido's favorite activity

14. On teta's most despised phrase

15. On missing phone calls from your parents

16. On cuss words

17. On "independence" being a theory

18. On choosing the unmarried life

19. On dissing legends

20. On table manners in front of guests

21. On doing things that may result in "saf2et hawa"

22. On not getting up to "salem" when people walk into your house

23. On "3azeema" rules

24. On fighting for independence

25. On silent stares in public

26. On baba's soft spot when it comes to the remote control

27. On doubting your dad's sense of direction

28. On breaking precious treasures

29. On necessary Ramadan rituals

30. On "eben el kaleb"