In Arab divorce cases, just when you thought it couldn't get any more bizarre, here comes one and tops them all...

In the details of the most recent case, an Egyptian woman is reportedly divorcing her husband because he refused to buy her a shawarma wrap during an outing, telling her it's too expensive. 

Yes, you read that right. 

According to Masrawy, the couple had been married for only forty days when the woman was just fed up with her husband's stinginess. 

"We had a traditional arranged marriage, I only knew him for two months before the wedding and never noticed how stingy he was," the woman, now identified as Sameeha, said

"During the first week of our marriage, he told me he hates going out anywhere because that'd be a waste of money," she added

Sameeha also explained that her husband would count loaves of bread before he left the house each morning because he wanted to track how many she ate.

The shawarma wrap argument came when the wife was at her wits' end

The woman complained to her family, telling them her husband's actions were just too much to handle, but they actually defended him, telling her he was just trying to be "good with money".

"After I endured forty days of being married to him, I begged him to take me out somewhere, as we hadn't gone anywhere as a married couple. He reluctantly agreed," she said

"During the outing, I asked my husband to buy me a shawarma wrap, but he refused, saying 'we went out to get juice and that's it'. He also accused me of trying to 'exploit his wealth', by forcing him to buy both juice and a sandwich all at once," she added

Sameeha explained that her husband berated her throughout the outing, he then also asked her to leave his car and go back home using public transportation.

"I was just so fed up. I went back to my family home and immediately decided to file for a divorce. I can no longer live with this man, he's sick," she said.

The divorce case is now pending in an Egyptian court and is expected to wrap up in the coming few weeks.

The shawarma divorce is now making the rounds online

People just can't even with the news

"How are there people who live like this?" 

"Ragel me3afen"

Everyone is hailing the woman for deciding to end the marriage

"She's strong and it's great that she left him right at the start before they had any kids together. Stingy people never change." 

"Stinginess is the worst trait ever, it's good that you left him"