In one of the most bizarre divorce cases to ever be reported in Saudi Arabia, a couple split up after a husband abused his wife because she was cheering on Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

Speaking to the local news site Ajel, the wife's friend said the incident took place two months ago and saw the husband verbally and physically abuse his wife after they finished watching the El Clasico game, Real Madrid vs Barcelona. 

In her statement, the friend explained that the 20-year-old wife, who's a die-hard fan of Real Madrid, was overjoyed after they'd won the match against Barcelona. 

"She started jumping around, screaming Ronaldo's name in front of her husband, who felt that was an insult to him," she said

"He was already angry that his favorite team had lost and couldn't handle his wife's actions. He verbally abused her at first, then severely beat her," she added

Soon after the assault, the wife went back to her parent's house and filed for divorce. Even though several family friends tried to help reconcile the couple, all their attempts failed.

A social media meltdown like no other

Soon after Ajel reported the story on Sunday, it went viral on social media, leading to a complete meltdown among users. 

Many defended the husband

"Divorcing her is the least of his rights." 

And blamed the wife even though she was physically assaulted

"Who told her to root for Ronaldo?" 

Not everyone shared these opinions though

"He's regressive."

Many were outraged by the husband's actions

"This man isn't a husband, he's a bull." 

People just couldn't even...

"This is so silly."

"You divorce your wife over a football player?"

"I think he suffers from a mental illness"

Others were left speechless

"There is no power but in God Almighty"