Heavy rain has been causing many floods around different areas in Saudi Arabia, raising suspicions about the country's infrastructure. Cars are drowning, streets closing down, and schools suspended due to high levels of water. 

Earlier this week, Saudi civil defense officers saved a group of students from drowning in rain floods in Al Dammam.

The video documenting the rescue mission started circulating online. In it, security men can be seen helping female students get into an inflatable boat. 

As it continues to make the rounds on Twitter, infuriated Saudis are calling on local education authorities to suspend school classes amid the ongoing storm.

"They know our roads' problems during rain season but still insist on not issuing a decision to suspend school!!"

"This is saddening and embarrassing"

"May God be with them"

A few shared videos of flooding around their school campuses

"This is my school as students left it today... look at how they're suffering."

"I don't know why parents wait for an official school suspension to be passed"

"If you think the weather isn't suitable enough for them to leave the house, keep them at home."

People want authorities to act

"Deciding whether to suspend classes or not should be in the hands of the Meteorology Authority, not under the Ministry of Education."

Not the first similar incident to be reported this month

Earlier this month, footage of a school bus driving through floods in Saudi Arabia's Al Qassim governorate sparked anger among local Twitter users. 

At the time, many called on authorities to suspend classes, deeming it unsafe for students to commute to school campuses.

However, neither the city's education authority nor the country's Ministry of Education issued suspension orders.