Earlier this week, severe rainstorms hit Saudi Arabia's Abha city, flooding streets, drowning cars, and sending people on social media into a frenzy

Amid the unstable weather conditions, Asir governorate's Civil Defense used emergency sirens to notify residents of flooding that occurred in several of the region's streets. 

The city's officials also issued warnings to the public, asking them to stay indoors during heavy rainfall and advising them against crossing valleys located in the area. 

Abha's floods have gone viral on Saudi Twitter

As the storm raged in the city, thousands of Saudis took to Twitter to share images and videos capturing its terrifying effects. 

Many also used social media to vent their frustration at the chaos that ensued in the wake of the storm, blaming the city's infrastructure for it. 

Many tweeted out videos right from the middle of the storm

"Abha is drowning"

Rescue missions were also captured on camera

Many were angered by the floods

"Until when? Deaths, drowning accidents, and car crashes. Who's going to be held accountable at the end of all this? Humans are dying, people are drowning, and others are in hospitals?"

"This is ridiculous"

"If Abha drowns during rainfall, this is a catastrophe and an embarrassment for all its officials. With all its valleys, it drowns!!!"

Some were just fed up

"There's nothing new here. This situation recurs every year, streets drown in Abha and no one even cares." 

"Now they'll tell us that the amount of rain falling this year is unprecedented"

Not the first time this happens in Abha

Last year, heavy rainfall also flooded Abha's streets, wrecking havoc on the city and its residents. 

The floods also led to the tragic death of Nawaf Al Ahmari, a young boy who drowned in flood waters while walking back home from school.