On Thursday, a severe rain and thunderstorm hit Saudi Arabia's Mecca, flooding the holy city's streets. 

Earlier this week, the kingdom's General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection warned the region's residents about the unstable weather conditions. 

In a post uploaded to Twitter late on Thursday, the authority's officials said they expect the rain to continue until late Friday. 

Photos and videos capturing the hail and lightening hitting the city are now all over Saudi social media, as many stream the storm as it happens. 

The storm has gone viral

People are documenting the storm on social media

Photos from Mecca's Holy Mosque were shared

People praying in the rain ...

The thunder in a photo ...

The hail in a video

Severe floods took over the streets

A number of videos were shared online

The thunderstorm also hit Mecca's tower clock ... bringing it to a halt

Photos capturing the moment have also gone viral