The mid-year school exam season is fast approaching and Saudi tweeps have certainly taken note of that. 

Over the weekend, a few of them launched a hashtag asking people to tweet out pre-exam advice to students. 

The result? Hilarious tips that are sure to make you laugh.

"A word of advice from you before the exams."

Tip #1: Denial ... "What exams? What month are we in?!"

Tip #2: "Delete Netflix"

Tip #3: "Remove your group of friends from your heart and start right"

Tip #4: "Eat a lot of burgers"

"Dear student, 

First tip: Eat a huge amount of burgers right before your exam. 

Second tip: Wear thick layers of winter clothes and hide all possible answers in them. 

Third tip: Sit next to smart students, bribe them, and buy them lunch after the exam." 

Tip #5: Just pray

Tip #6: "Study to be the first"

Tip #7: "Stop roaming around the roads and study"

Tip #8: "Let me advise myself first"

Tip #9: "You'll pass if you don't study"

Tip #10: "Don't go over the answers after the exam is done"

Tip #11: "You've got nothing but patience, be patient"

Tip #12: Repeat ... "I'm much more than just my grades"