Over the weekend، snow hit several of Saudi Arabia's regions including Ha'il governorate, where a man decided to celebrate the snowfall his own way.

Standing barefoot on the snow, the Saudi man slid down a valley covered with snow and went completely viral for it.

Footage capturing his smooth glide continues to circulate on the kingdom's Twitter, garnering over half a million views at the time of writing.

A celebration like nothing you've ever seen

It sparked a hilarious Twitter meltdown

"This is a penguin not a human." 

"The Saudi penguin"

"Notice that he's barefoot"



Not the only snow-related video to go viral in the kingdom this week

Footage capturing people enjoying the snow in Al Jawf governorate also went viral on Twitter over the weekend.

In it, a group of young men can be seen sledging down a snow-covered hill. 

The clip has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and continues to circulate online.