For many Arab women, life is a constant battle against society's out-dated norms and traditions, which often depict an extremely distorted idea of what it takes to be a woman.

But, many women have risen above it all, each in her own way - from sass and humor, to bravery and fearlessness.

Here are 10 times Arab women challenged the norms and proved they give zero f*cks what people think:

1. When this Palestinian hijabi proved she was 100% done with the halal police

Nothing screams savage like Twitter user @Fedachinii's response to unsolicited comments from the "halal police," whose members criticize a hijabi's every move.

2. When this Egyptian woman beat up her harasser and got him arrested

While many women may choose to ignore street harassers, one badass Egyptian woman refused to remain silent and let her harasser go unpunished. 

Earlier this year, Rania F. went viral after footage of her beating up a street harasser, identified as Islam Sh., circulated online.

In a video capturing the incident, F. can be seen chasing after the man, then calling on passersby to help her stop him from escaping. Her attempts at getting him arrested succeeded and he was eventually sentenced to three years in prison. 

3. While this one fought an entire crowd of harassers in Saudi Arabia

In March, a video capturing a woman beating a group of men who harassed her in a Saudi street took the kingdom's social media by storm. 

In it, a group of men is seen whistling, trying to intimidate the girl while screaming profanities at her. The woman is then seen hitting back at the crowd, beating anyone who came near her with a wooden stick. 

4. When this Twitter user savagely responded to this cliche question

"They ask me, 'When will you make us happy?' (An oft-asked question referencing marriage.) Well, I'm happy with myself everyday, so whenever you're free, come be happy with me."

5. While this Palestinian vlogger tackled it with more extreme measures ...

Haifa Beseisso, a Palestinian travel vlogger based in Dubai, decided to succumb to societal pressures by getting married ... to life. 

Yes, you read that right. Beseisso donned a white dress and decided to take to the streets to celebrate her love of life

Beseisso visited numerous touristic spots in Dubai, including Miracle Garden and Motiongate Dubai, to celebrate the joys life has to offer. 

6. And so did this single Egyptian woman

Last year, 27-year-old Esraa Al-Hagan caused a stir on Egyptian social media when she decided to host a wedding ... without a groom.

She put on a puffy white dress, wore a bridal veil, applied Arab-brides' typical dramatic makeup, and went on to enjoy a photoshoot and party with her friends. 

Why? "I'm rewarding myself for my hard work," she said in an interview with Al Nahar TV. She explained that she wanted to "experience the feeling (of being a bride)," adding she "doesn't care what people think."

7. When this Lebanese woman refused to have her vocabulary policed...

Apply cold water to that BURN! 

8. As did the woman who created this meme

"- Eat crap.

- You're a girl, speak with respect.

- Eat crap, please."

9. When this Lebanese blogger went out in different costumes for one year

Lebanese blogger, copywriter, and social media manager, Elige Abou Youness, had a unique approach to the challenge against society's "set-in-stone beauty standards."

The English Literature graduate decided to wear a different costume five days a week for a whole year, as a way to challenge societal norms and uptight beauty standards that often leave people feeling unable to fit in. 

"The main message behind the project is to encourage people to stop judging others based on their appearances and to emphasize the importance of individuality," she previously told StepFeed.

10. This meme sums it all up

"Three things that make you less feminine: Being stubborn, raising your voice, and having a temper.

- I am stubborn, I raise my voice, and get angry, but I'm still a female whether you like it or not."