Egyptian single bride
Source: Twitter

If you are a single Arab woman, then you probably know the stress that comes with wedding season.

The pressure of finding "the one" peaks this time of year and you might even start feeling worried about ending up forever alone. 

Well, one single Egyptian woman decided that she does not need to wait for a man to have her big day.

She put on a puffy white dress, wore a bridal veil, applied Arab-brides' typical dramatic makeup, and took to the streets to declare that she is a "strong *Arab* independent woman who don't need no man [sic]."

Single Egyptian bride
Source: Twitter

27-year-old Esraa Al-Hagan has caused a stir on Egyptian social media since photos of her groom-less began circulating online.

Al-Hagan dressed up in bridal attire, enjoyed a photoshoot on the streets of Ismailia Governorate, and partied with her friends. 

Why? "I'm rewarding myself for my hard work," she said in an interview with Al Nahar TV.

"I live by the motto: 'Reward yourself after a long productive day'.

I haven't rewarded myself in a long time, so I decided to do so in a unique way."

She went on to explain that she wanted to "experience the feeling (of being a bride," adding that she "doesn't care what people think."

Al-Hagan had first pitched her plan on social media, where people encouraged her and helped her find a dress and a makeup artist.

Her parents, however, did not approve of the idea and saw no point in it. 

But she decided to carry on with it despite their disapproval, as she considers herself an independent woman responsible for her own decisions

When she hit the streets in her wedding dress, people naturally had many questions and found the fact that she is single rather odd. 

However, according to Al-Hagan, they still expressed their excitement and cheered her on. 

Meanwhile, the feedback has not been as positive online; many social media users criticized her and deemed her act "silly" or "stupid".

"Egypt's first single bride put on a dress and took a photo next to a bike. Are we supposed to sympathize with you? Or pray that you find a groom? Or ask God to cure you? This is not how you're supposed to grab attention."