A video capturing a woman beating a group of men who harassed her in a Saudi street is taking the kingdom's social media by storm. 

According to Akhbaar 24, the incident took place in a public park located in Riyadh's Alya Street and saw tens of men gather around the woman. 

Even though it remains unclear when the footage was captured, it was uploaded to Twitter late on Sunday and has since gone viral.

In it, a group of men is seen whistling, trying to intimidate the girl while screaming profanities at her. The woman is then seen hitting back at the crowd, beating anyone who came near her with a wooden stick. 

The video sparked controversy on social media

As the footage continues to make the rounds online, thousands are reacting to it. 

While some are trying to blame the woman for being harassed, claiming that she "provoked" the men because her hair was uncovered, others are having none of that and are hailing her for hitting back at the harassers. 

Some social media users are also claiming that the woman seen in the video is a popular social media influencer who was being followed by men who wanted to take pictures with her. These claims remain unverified. 

Here's how people are reacting to the now-viral incident: 

Some are trying to play the ridiculous victim-blaming card

"No one would harass a modest, respectable woman. A woman who's too out there and who dresses like this must handle what she gets. Some women dress provocatively and don't want anyone to harass them!! Have some shame and be modest if you don't want that." 

Others are having none of that though

"If there's no law to protect women from molestation, they should take matters into their own hands"

Many are hailing the woman for standing up to her harassers

"I swear she's so brave"

"Saudi Wonder Woman"

Others are still in shock over the incident

"This is so sad and terrifying, manners and manhood no longer exist." 

"It's time to speak up"

Not the first time a similar incident is reported in Saudi Arabia

This certainly isn't the first time women face sexual harassment in public. Earlier this year, a video capturing a group of men harassing women in Jeddah's Dorrat Al Arous went viral on Twitter, sparking outrage across the kingdom. 

Amid the backlash, authorities announced the arrest of seven men who were involved in the incident. They now face investigation and possible legal consequences. 

Saudi authorities are becoming more diligent in the fight against sexual harassment

"A sexual abuser is a criminal who must be punished. We await the passing of Saudi Arabia's anti-harassment law." 

In recent months, Saudi authorities have become more diligent in the fight against the rise of sexual harassment rates in the kingdom. 

Police departments across the country have made immediate arrests in several abuse cases captured in videos that went viral on social media.

Saudi Arabia is also currently drafting a law that is set to criminalize sexual harassment. Ordered in a royal decree issued by King Salman, the law is set to be passed in the coming few months.