Women in the Arab world struggle just the same when it comes to societal pressures into getting married, as if a woman's existence is defined by wedlock ... but one Dubai-based media personality decided to shut society down. 

On February 15, Palestinian travel vlogger Haifa Beseisso decided to succumb to the pressures by getting married ... to life. 

Yes, you read that right. The Palestinian vlogger donned a white dress, lent from Al Zafaf Fashion, and decided to take to the streets to celebrate her wed to life. 

Beseisso documented the festivities in a six-minute video shared to YouTube. 

An epic idea to say the least

Beseisso visited numerous touristic spots in Dubai, including Miracle Garden and Motiongate Dubai, to celebrate the joys life has to offer. 

She began giving out "invitation cards" to random people in the area which read:

"Welcome to the wedding of 'Haifa & Life' ... Today, Tomorrow & Everyday you are invited. Join me!" 

To say people loved the idea is an understatement.

"You are getting married to life? That's a new concept," one woman can be heard saying in the video. 

Source: Youtube

Kudos to Haifa!

Watch the epic video here:

The Palestinian vlogger has been making the waves online ever since she launched her YouTube channel 'Fly With Haifa.' 

"A girl from the Middle East who loves to travel, talk to people, and discover the world in her own way. Traveling and cross culture relations is my passion! [sic]" her YouTube channel's description says.

She has over 443,000 subscribers on the video streaming platform.