Arab weddings are events intertwined with tradition and every country across the region has its own rules for them. 

However, there are people who dared go against some of these strict conventions. 

The result? 

Epic Arab weddings that broke the mold and naturally went viral. 

1. The rollerblade wedding, Saudi Arabia

When social media celebrity and professional Saudi skater Hussein bin Mahfouz decided to wed the love of his life, Hanan Al-Raimi, in 2017, their wedding was as untraditional as one can be. 

The couple arrived at the wedding ceremony wearing rollerblades and took social media by storm.

2. The jet-ski wedding, Lebanon

This couple went completely viral after French-Lebanese photojournalist Patrick Baz, took a photo of them doing their wedding photo shoot while water skiing off the coast of Jounieh. 

3. The no groom wedding, Egypt

27-year-old Egyptian bride Esraa Al-Hagan caused a stir on Egyptian social media last year. 


Because she decided to plan an entire wedding all for herself, no groom included. 

Soon after the unique wedding, photos of Al-Hagan in her wedding dress went viral. 

4. The Wadi Rum wedding, Jordan

400 guests gathered in Jordan's Wadi Rum to attend the unique wedding of Razan Abdul Haq and her American groom in 2016. 

In a break from tradition, the bride didn't arrive at the scene in a decorated car, but rather on camel back. 

And the entire nuptials took place right in the middle of the desert, rather than in a traditional ballroom. 

5. The prison wedding, Saudi Arabia

A Saudi couple who married in one of the kingdom's jails went viral all over social media last year. 

The duo's wedding ceremony was held in a Baha city prison and came after the man, who's serving a 4-year jail sentence over drug related charges, got the required approvals from authorities.

6. The mass wedding, Lebanon

In 2015, Lebanon's Maronite union organized a mass wedding during which 36 couples all wed at the same time. 

This wasn't the first time such an event was held in the country.

7. The 'against all odds' wedding, Palestine

In 2013, Manal Abu Shanar, who was living in Egypt, was blocked from crossing a border gate to Gaza, even though she was heading there to wed her then-fiancé Emad al-Malalha. 

That's when the bride decided to do something quite out of the ordinary: Crossing an underground tunnel leading to Gaza... all in her wedding gown. 

Waiting for her in the tunnel was non other than the groom, who met her halfway. 

Cameras captured the duo's underground meeting and the images of this untraditional wedding went viral soon after.

8. The defiant refugee camp wedding, Iraq

Like thousands of people across the Arab world, Iraqi Jassim Mohammed and his bride Amena Ali, found themselves displaced in their own country due to war. 

Living in a refugee camp didn't stop them from getting married though. 

The couple took their first steps as husband and wife amid tents at a camp for internally displaced people, in Khazir, near Mosul, Iraq.