Arab women. We don't back down from a fight; we don't shy away from giving our opinions, and biting sarcasm is our go-to method when proving a point. 

Troll us a million times, we will get you back 10 million times over ... in just one-go. 

Here are 9 times Arab women were serious #SavageGoals.

1. The struggle for Arab women since day 1, in a nutshell

2. This girl's motto: honestly is the best policy

3. Two can play the game of marriage proposals

Earlier this year, one of feminist vlogger Laila Hzaineh's fans proposed after watching one of her videos. She did not hesitate to put him to the test. 

4. Making people regret the day the word "3a2belik" was invented

5. Mess with us and risk being haunted by sarcasm for LIFE

In June, a social media user publicly announced that he has decided to stop dating Arab women because they're "ungrateful and crazy." 

Although it was unclear at the time whether his tweet was a joke or not, Arab women just wouldn't have it. 

6. How much is too much when it comes to Arab men? This girl's got the answer.

7. Searching for your "naseeb" be like

8. We're not afraid to make witty jokes

9. Even Arab moms have had their own fair share of savagery