Ramadan during the summertime isn't easy, especially considering the extreme thirst levels that accompany the heat while fasting. 

Luckily, we all tend to take advantage of "suhoor" - the few hours, minutes, and seconds before dawn - when the majority of us jug on gallons of water in an effort to stay hydrated the next day. 

Unfortunately, most of the time it doesn't work in our favor.

If you're fasting this Ramadan, you'll most definitely understand these nine things about "suhoor":

1. First things first, "suhoor mood" is a thing

2. Food > Sleep ... during non-fasting hours, always

3. You work out (unintentionally) ... pretty much seconds before fajr

4. Your bed isn't the only place you seek refuge

5. Your motto? Jug, Jug, Jug ... Water

6. Realizing *suhoor time* is over ... is probably your worst nightmare

7. A real life depiction of ME during suhoor

8. It is a time when human interactions should be kept at a minimum

9. Simply put: