British media personality Katie Hopkins is no stranger to attacking Arabs and Islam at every chance she gets. Last week, Hopkins shared her controversial views in a tweet accompanied with a video of London's Edgware Road, which is home to numerous Middle Eastern restaurants. 

"Let's play guess the country. There is a big red clue in here if you are struggling," Hopkins wrote, criticizing the Middle Eastern vibes that occupy the road.

A variety of Arab and Middle Eastern restaurants, shisha cafes, and Arabic-themed nightclubs are found on Edgware Road ... but Hopkins' discriminatory nature doesn't seem to be too impressed.

The tweet garnered lots of attention on Twitter, amassing over 2,000 re-tweets at the time of writing.

Hopkins was faced with intense backlash for her tweet, with many calling her out for her racist views.

"Let's play guess the racist"

"You disgusting racist"

Sarcastic commentary dominated the conversation

"I'm struggling with you using up valuable oxygen"

"Isn't it incredible how many different types of food and people and places can be found on a single street?"

Some were straight out blunt

"Hatred is oxygen for her"

Some just couldn't comprehend Hopkins' mindset...

"One of the best meals ever"

Simply ...

Hopkins' is known for her Islamophobic views...

Last year, Hopkins attacked female victims of sexual harassment who were sharing harrowing stories of abuse via the "Me Too" hashtag ... with an anti-Muslim tweet.

In it, the infamous columnist accused victims of ignoring rape cases of "white girls" by "Muslim grooming gangs".

"When it's rape of white girls by Muslim grooming gangs, I say nothing," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

That same year, Hopkins shared an offensive joke about burqas and the iPhone face recognition feature.