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Weddings usually end on a happy note, but that wasn't the case for one held in Egypt last week. The celebration, which took place in the country's Bishat Qayed, ended with the groom, his father, and the chef being arrested. 

This came after 103 wedding guests got food poisoning from meals they were served at the marriage ceremony, Youm 7 reportedBefore the arrests, the incident was reported to Al Zakazik Police Station, who then launched an investigation into the matter.

Samples of the meal were sent to a lab for testing

The three men are now set to face trial in the case and have been referred to public prosecution. 

Police have since obtained samples of the food served at the wedding from leftovers stored at the groom's house. The rice and meat dish that was served to the guests will now be tested for suspected contamination.

News of the incident is all over Twitter

Some were completely against the groom being arrested... because they thought he wasn't the wedding caterer

"What does the groom have to do with this!!! The person who's guilty is the caterer. Have you ever heard of a groom who cooked the meals served on his wedding day? What kind of stupidity is this? The food is contaminated, punish the catering company. You ruined this man's wedding." 

Others felt bad for him

"This groom is jinxed. As if it's not enough that everyone will be gossiping about him, he was also sent to jail." 

Some couldn't but laugh

"Honestly, this news is funny. We want to know what the groom has to do with all of this." 

"This must've been the doing of his mother-in-law"

"Maybe she didn't approve of him." 

"How did you get food poisoning?"

"Didn't you get a wedding invitation?"

"May all those affected get well soon"