Earlier this week, controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins shared an offensive joke about burqas and the latest iPhone's face recognition feature. 

In her post, Hopkins shared an image of women in burqas and captioned it: "Hey, beautiful ladies. What do you think of iPhone X Face ID?" 

While many, including Arabs, had previously made jokes about the same matter, Hopkins seemed to have taken it a bit too far. 

It didn't take long for the tweet to go viral on the platform, something that the media personality seemed quite excited about given that she kept on retweeting responses. 

However, neither her tweet nor the racist responses took center stage. 

What did? 

Hilarious, right on point come backs from Arab and Muslim tweeps.

Here's how it all went down:

First, Hopkins decided to share this offensive post

But Arabs and Muslims were just not having it

Many relentlessly trolled Hopkins

Trolling was taken to new levels

Naturally, memes ensued

People responded with satire

"You realize they can just lift up their burqa to unlock their phone right? It's not glued on"

Savagery level: Arab

"This isn't funny, you dog." 

Not everyone responded with humor though

Many were understandably outraged

"So much ignorance in one place... fitting that it is here"