Controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins is no stranger to attacking Muslims and Islam at every chance she gets.

Last year, Hopkins attacked female victims of sexual harassment who were sharing harrowing stories of abuse via the "Me Too" hashtag ... with an anti-Muslim tweet.

In it, the infamous columnist accused victims of ignoring rape cases of "white girls" by "Muslim grooming gangs."

"When it's rape of white girls by Muslim grooming gangs, I say nothing," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

That same year, Hopkins shared an offensive joke about burqas and the iPhone face recognition feature.

People refused to stay silent at the time. Hopkins has since become a target for trolls online ... for good reasons. 

Recently, Twitter users have been sharing a photo of Hopkins, blaming her intense "aging" on her extreme hate, bigotry, and racism.

"Bigotry and racism [don't] age well," one user wrote.

"King Tutankhamen is only 634 years older than Katie Hopkins"

"My mom and Katie Hopkins were born the same year"

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam was brought into this...

... actress Salma Hayek, too

Queen Rania of Jordan is 47 years old...

... while this turtle is 500 years older than Hopkins

"Even my grandmother looks younger than Hopkins"

"Hopkins is 43 ... and Thor is 1500 years old"

"It's crazy how hatred, racism and bigotry can age a person"

Hopkins responds to the hate