A Saudi family recently honored an Egyptian man who'd worked with them for 35 years. 

Footage capturing the emotional moment went viral online earlier this week. In it, the man can be seen receiving several gifts, honor shields, and a key to a brand new car during a farewell ceremony that was held in the kingdom's Najran city. 

Surrounded by his boss, Mane'a Al Haydar, and the family's relatives, the worker emotionally reacted to the heartwarming gesture. 

The worker couldn't hold back his tears

The clip continues to make the rounds on Saudi Twitter and is winning over people's hearts.

Many are hailing the family for honoring the worker, saying that his years of service deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. Others are incredibly  touched by the Egyptian man's emotional reaction to the Saudi family's kind gesture. 

Many were moved by the worker's emotions

"An emotional moment and loyalty that's rare to find." 

"35 years is a lifetime, he deserves to be honored"

Everyone was so happy for him

"I am genuinely happy for him."

"A beautiful gesture"

"There's still some good in the world"

Not the first time a similar kind gesture goes viral in the kingdom

Just last week, a Saudi family went viral after throwing a farewell party in honor of an Indian expat who'd worked with them for years.

Earlier this year, a Saudi man's farewell tweet to a Filipino domestic worker who spent 29 years of her life helping raise him also went viral online. 

In the tweet, Abdulrahman Al Sharhan expressed his gratitude to Menyam, the woman who had been with his family for decades. Many were incredibly moved by his post.