Source: Al Ayam

On Saturday, Bahraini authorities arrested an expat woman who walked naked on a local highway, Al Ayam newspaper reported

The country's Ministry of Interior announced the arrest on Saturday in a tweet posted on their official Twitter account.

"A 32-year-old expat woman was arrested by police as she walked naked in the streets of Tobeli area. We are currently working on taking the appropriate legal measures in the incident," the post read.

News of the arrest came hours after footage of the naked woman infuriated hundreds of social media users in Bahrain, demanding authorities take immediate action. 

The news caused quite the stir in the Gulf state

People were left speechless

Others were angered by the incident

"Such a disgusting thing to see. Strict measures have to be taken against these people." 

Some speculated the woman's mental stability

"She might be mentally ill." 

Others thanked authorities for making the arrest

"We thank the Ministry of Interior for making the arrest, but we always repeat that those who think they won't be punished for violating laws, break them." 

Not the first time a similar incident is reported in an Arab country

Source: Shafaaq

Back in August, footage capturing a naked Asian woman walking in a street in Jordan shocked people. 

At the time of the incident, the woman was reportedly detained by Jordanian authorities who later referred her to a psychiatric hospital because she was found to be mentally unstable.