Over the weekend, a Saudi family honored an Indian expat for his incredible efforts over the years with a farewell party. 

Speaking to Sabq news site, the man's employer, Dib Al Mutairi, said the worker Aref had been with the family for so many years. 

"It's going to be so hard for us to see him go. He spent years with us and was always well-mannered and good to everyone around him," he added. 

Another member of the family, Naja Al Mutairi, also spoke to the news outlet, saying, "No matter how much we celebrate him, it'll still not be enough." 

Photos of the farewell went viral on Saudi Twitter

This isn't the first time a Saudi employer's kind gesture towards a domestic worker is reported in the kingdom. Still, it caught people's attention in a big way. 

Some absolutely loved it

"A beautiful gesture." 

"Gratitude is beautiful"

"This is how Muslims treat others"

Not everyone shared the same thoughts though

"An appreciation award and sash, may God bless them over this. But, they could've given him money to help him out a bit, what's he going to do with this award?"

Another similar farewell gesture had previously gone viral on Saudi Twitter

"After 29 years of service... our dear Menyam has decided to leave us and head back to the Philippines. She always said, 'I'll go back home when Abdul Rahman gets married.' Thank you for everything you did for us, God willing, I will make sure to visit you with my own kids one day." 

Earlier this year, a Saudi man's farewell tweet to a Filipino domestic worker who spent 29 years of her life helping raise him went viral online. 

In the tweet, Abdulrahman Al Sharhan expressed his gratitude to Menyam, the woman who had been with his family for decades. Many were incredibly moved by his post.