A Saudi man's farewell tweet to a Filipino domestic worker who spent twenty-nine years of her life helping raise him is making the rounds online. 

Posted over the weekend, the tweet saw Abdulrahman Al Sharhan express his gratitude to Menyam, the woman who had been with his family for decades. 

The post has hit a note with thousands of Saudis on the platform, many of whom were incredibly moved by it. 

Al Sharhan's tweet is still circulating on Twitter

"After twenty-nine years of service... our dear Menyam has decided to leave us and head back to the Philippines. She always said, 'I'll go back home when Abdul Rahman gets married.' Thank you for everything you did for us, God willing, I will make sure to visit you with my own kids one day." 

Some just couldn't even...

People loved the tribute

"You're such a noble human being"

"Loyal people are hard to find these days and she's one of them"

"Ya zeinha"

"She's a second mother to you all, a part of the family and not just a nanny"

"29 years of her life isn't an easy thing to give at all." 

"Don't forget to visit her soon, bless her"

"This is beautiful"

Not the first time a domestic worker's farewell goes viral in the kingdom

Earlier this year, a video capturing the emotional moment a Saudi family bid farewell to a domestic worker who had been working with them for more than 33 years, also made the rounds online.

The footage went viral on social media after it was uploaded to Twitter, amassing thousands of views.