Beyoncé is no stranger to donning Arab labels, but who knew her Halloween costume would be added to the list?

In honor of American Olympic runner Florence Griffith-Joyner, aka Flo-Jo, Beyoncé rocked a customized one-legged purple Adidas leotard. The costume was designed by Death By Dollsan LA-based label founded by designer Sara Al Saud. 

Born to Saudi parents, Al Saud's roots have inspired her designs, she explained during an interview with Vogue Arabia last year.

"Growing up in London — one of the fashion capitals of the world — and being of Saudi origin, where fashion has always been the staple of any social gathering or event, have definitely inspired my aesthetic," Al-Saud said.

"Flo Jo Halloween Costume Sketch"

The costume is a tribute to the legendary Olympic runner Flo-Jo, who has earned the "fastest woman in the world" title after breaking the world record during the US Olympic trials. 

Flo-Jo won three gold medals during the 1988 Seoul Games. She died in 1998 following an epileptic seizure at the age of 38. 

On Thursday, Beyoncé shared a series of photos to her Instagram, drawing the attention of many.

No caption needed:


The late athlete's daughter, Mary Joyner, shared a side-by-side photo of Beyoncé and her mother, thanking the singer for the tribute.

"Thank you for giving my mom the recognition, paying the homage and keeping my mother's Memory Alive," she wrote in an Instagram caption.


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