A contestant on Saudi-based singing talent show "Najm El Saudia" (Star of Saudi Arabia) fainted moments after learning he won't be making it to the semi-finals. 

Emad Ibrahim's fall to the ground took place during the program's fourth live prime and was broadcast on the kingdom's SBC channel over the weekend. 

The incident sparked an online controversy

Footage capturing the collapse has garnered thousands of views, causing quite the stir online. 

Many have since accused the show's producers and the contestant of staging the incident in an attempt to garner more views.

However, not everyone nodded in agreement with the accusation. Many defended the contestant, explaining he could've lost consciousness due to fatigue or illness. 

Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter: 

Many think it's all part of an act

"I don't know him but I felt it's all an act." 

"Emad Ibrahim, please take a few acting classes"

People weren't buying it

"A distasteful stunt to get people's sympathy. Have you ever seen a dizzy person cover their face before collapsing!!" 

Some made memes out of the incident

However, some think the incident actually took place

"It doesn't look fake, it seems true." 

Some defended Ibrahim

"I am surprised by all those making fun of Emad Ibrahim after he fainted. He's a sensitive, shy person. People have different ways of handling emotions and stress. But there are those who are emotionless and want everyone to be like them." 

And wished him a fast recovery

"My brother Emad, I am glad you're doing well now. Leaving the show is only the start of your journey."

The aspiring singer has since spoken out about the incident

In a video posted on the TV program's official social media pages, Ibrahim spoke out about the occurrence and thanked everyone who checked up on him following the incident. 

"I only realized what had happened when I opened my eyes and saw people around me trying to wake me up," he added.

"I thank everyone who asked about me. What happened is something that can happen to anyone and is a result of lots of stress and fatigue," he said.