As you may have already noticed, Game of Thrones is beyond popular worldwide. The Arab region, in particular, has taken a major liking to this fictional series. 

To take this fandom just a notch further, GoT's opening theme got a teeny-tiny revamp with a sprinkle of Yemeni twist to it. The person behind the creative infusion is Yemeni composer Mohammed Al Ghoom, known for fusing Western songs with Arabic tunes. This time around, the talented musician mixed Yemen's Hadrami music with the GoT theme.

Uploaded to YouTube on April 25, the remix video has since made headlines and amassed over 276,000 views at the time of writing.

In the opening of the video, a brief message appears, in which the Yemeni composer and his colleagues apologize to HBO (the TV network that airs and owns most licenses to GoT) and the producers of the series for "converting there series music from a serious music into joyful [sic]" version.

Explaining the reason behind the creative decision, Al Ghoom wrote: "As Yemeni, we got tired of the conflict and pain so we need some joy and delight [sic]." 

The internet is loving it

"I'm imagining Khaleesi, Sansa, and Cersei dancing, as Jon Snow and the guys sit around"

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"The great Hadramout land"

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Fans are definitely loving it

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GoT's theme song has had more than one Arabic version

In 2014, a oud-based cover of the theme song rearranged and performed by Yemeni artist Ahmed Alshaiba garnered over one million views on YouTube.

Alshaiba has gained popularity on social media for his oud covers of famous Western songs, as people are finding his innovative Eastern-Western mashups to be quite impressive.