Fans around the world are counting down the days for the return of Game of Thrones. The premiere of the fantasy series is set to launch on April 14 ... and fans in Lebanon are more than ready.

Several banners were reportedly spotted on a bridge in Beirut in support of Jon Snow's battle against the White Walkers. In other words, Lebanon is ready for a whole other "winter is coming" ... this April. The banners are all accompanied with a signature at the bottom that reads: "From the friends of Faysal Timrawi."

So, it's only natural to see Lebanese fans wishing Jon Snow a successful fight. 

"Jon Snow ... May God Protect You"

"Cersei Lannister: Take the high road. Our strength comes from our unity."

"The people of Beirut are behind Jon Snow in the fight against White Walkers"

This photo appears to be taken on the Salim Salam highway (look at the tunnel's interior and you'll recognize it).

"White Walkers took down our banners ... we will not be silenced"

The banners ultimately made their way online - taking over Facebook and Twitter in the country. 

To say Lebanese people are #TeamSnow is an understatement.

"The only street banners that should be allowed"

"Dedication at its finest"

"Beirut is gearing up for the new season of GOT"

"Another level"

"Lebanese people are a different species"

"So extra"

Not the first time Lebanon proved to be #TeamSnow

In 2015, a Lebanese fan commemorated the supposed death of Jon Snow during the finale of Season 5 in La Place des Martyrs (Martyrs' Square) in Downtown Beirut, where Lebanese martyrs are usually honored.

Twitter user Mahmoud Ramsey posted photos of the rather unusual addition to the monument located in Beirut's downtown district. Martyrs' Square is a historic location marked by a sculpture to commemorate Lebanese nationalists who were hung by the Ottomans during World War I.