In recent years, #RamadanIsComing has somehow become the halal version of Game of Thrones' famous slogan #WinterIsComing. 

Muslim internet users have been using #RamadanIsComing for a few years now to express their anticipation of the start of the holy month. This year is no different. With less than two weeks to go, people seem more than ready to begin the month of fasting.

These GoT memes understand Ramadan to the core, and they're hilariously accurate, too. 

1. Winter who?

2. The real reason you need to "brace yourselves"

Source: ImgFlip

3. That feeling right before it's time to break your fast

4. When you drink enough water for 10 people

5. There's always ONE dish that gets all the attention

6. Not to forget VIMTO

7. So which is it: #RamadanIsComing OR #VimtoIsComing?

8. A Ramadanified version of Tyrion Lannister

9. Ramadan is not Ramadan without dates

10. The thirst is real

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