Daily fasts, prayers, iftars, and rituals are synonymous with the holy month of Ramadan. You know what else is? Vimto, sambosas, and yep, you probably guessed it ... loads of Muslim memes.

On Sunday, Muslims began sharing the funniest ones they've come across in response to a thread that's gone popular among Muslims.

A few of them are so relatable they're sure to make you LOL:

1. Inshallah = NO

2. Real life Ramadan struggles

3. Carefully reading the ingredients is a JOB on its own

4. Muslim parents be like

5. Superman's cloak all explained

6. Say wallah

7. Who hasn't seen this one?

8. Or this quintessential Muslim evil eye meme?

9. A "reporting you to Allah" meme perfectly suited for Ramadan

10. This epic one right here

11. The Muslim meme that put all puns to shame

12. "Fasting and Furious"

13. This one tops them all