Posting a photo of yourself in a swimsuit is apparently still a matter of controversy in several countries across the Arab world, but that's only if you're a woman. 

Time and again, female celebrities and popular social media figures have had to deal with the backlash, general negativity, and hate after posing in the beachwear.

Things weren't so different last week when popular Egyptian actress Dalia Mostafa posted a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit while on vacation. 

The image went viral soon after it was uploaded to Instagram, leading many to attack the star, deeming her post "inappropriate." 

The actress wasn't about to silently accept the unjustified negative responses and savagely hit back at those who criticized her. 

It all started when Mostafa posted this image on Instagram

It sparked negative reactions...

"Why post this?"  

With people posting things like this

"You're filthy." 

The actress then savagely hit back with this post...

"You're not God and I don't really care what you think. If you don't like what I post, why follow me on social media?"  

People loved her comeback

"You're amazing." 

Others hailed the star for her response

"You're one strong woman." 

"Shatra ya bint"

"There was nothing wrong with the photo"

"She was in the water and nothing was even showing. Ignore this silliness, people are just jealous." 

Many expressed their support

"You're gorgeous, don't let regressed people get to you." 

"This is your life and you're free to do whatever you want"

"Egyptians and Arabs in general have this pathetic rhetoric built on double standards"

"Don't listen to what anyone says and live the way you want."