Saudi authorities announced they will take action against a groom who held his wedding "zaffa" on a highway in the kingdom's city of Medinah. 

This comes after a video capturing the incident went viral on social media earlier this week, sparking controversy among users. 

In the footage, the groom and his relatives can be seen making their way down the highway on horseback. 

According to news sources, the wedding party had not received permission from authorities to hold the event. 

In a statement to Al Riyadh newspaper, head of Medinah's Traffic Authority, General Salah Al Jaberi, said everyone involved in the wedding parade was identified and had arrest warrants issued against them. 

"The area where the wedding parade happened is monitored by traffic control cameras and officials have identified everyone involved in the matter. They are now completing all procedures needed for their arrest and they will be referred to prosecution," he explained. 

Footage of the incident had sparked a heated debate online

Many deemed the groom's actions irresponsible and inappropriate, saying that the incident caused chaos and traffic on the highway. 

Others had none of that though and felt the matter was blown way out of proportion. 

Some were completely against the zaffa

"This was uncalled for, they just blocked people from passing through the road and annoyed everyone in the surrounding area." 

"This was rude and insolent"

Many called on traffic authorities to take action against the groom

"Why doesn't the Traffic Authority take action against these childish behaviors?"

Not everyone attacked the zaffa though... some people loved it

"Cute mashallah, may God bless them and grant them happiness." 

"Let them express their happiness, where's the problem in that?"

People just didn't understand all the backlash

"Unfortunately, some reactions to this are silly and uncalled for. There's nothing wrong with what this groom did, the highway was open to everyone and people were passing by next to the zaffa. Everyone was happy and taking photos of the incident. Some people just want to attack everything, it's weird and quite sad." 

"Let people enjoy themselves"