French-Lebanese photojournalist Patrick Baz recently took a photo of a bride and groom water skiing in Lebanon ... and it's seriously epic. 

The photo was taken off the coast of Jounieh as the couple dressed in their wedding attire: the man in a black suit and the woman in a white dress.

And that's not even the best part. The groom was kissing the bride's hand while the two held on to the tow ropes between their skis.

They make it look SO easy

But not everyone is loving it. Some people just want it all to STOP

Others love it ... dubbing it "Arab Love"

Lebanese people are "so extra"

"Love on the water" called for Titanic references

"I think we have hit a peak in Lebanon"

YOLO? Not for this woman

It's definitely not the first time Lebanese water skiing got extra points for creativity