Everyone knows that U.S. President Donald Trump has a Twitter addiction, but the former reality TV star's tweeting reached a whole new level in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

And people around the world are scratching their heads at the president's latest bizarre tweet.

Everyone wants to know what 'covfefe' is ...

Although it was probably a typo, the tweet was retweeted more than 108,000 times and liked by more than 135,000 fans – or trolls – before it was removed several hours later.

According to CNN, this is one of Trumps more viral tweets. So perhaps the message is more important than we think? 

And then Trump took it a step further ...

Of course, Arabs chimed in with some hilarious reactions. 

What could 'covfefe' mean?

Or maybe ...

Some 'black' humor

Starting the day out right

Wake up and smell the "covfefe"

Unless you're fasting for Ramadan

Maybe people always needed covfefe

A pop culture reference

"Rosebud" is the mysterious last word of fictional character Charles Foster Kane in Orson Welles' 1941 film Citizen Kane

When it wasn't taken down after hours and hours ...

Some had more than enough

Could this be "covfefe apocalypse"?