Earlier this month, an article titled 'Stop buying smashed avocado if you want to afford a house' began making the rounds online ... and who knew Arabs would be among those falling for the avocado craze?

A new avocado konafa proves just how we're jumping on the bandwagon.  

In celebration of Ramadan, Egyptian Bakery Etoile launched different flavors of konafa ... because regular konafa wasn't good enough? 

The flavors include pomegranate, mango, qamar el din, blackberry ... and last but not least avocado. 

People kind of freaked out

Saying "it should be illegal"

"Konafa flavor: bad memories"

Others are predicting what's to come in 2018: "Konafa bl salsa"

One word: BYE

Honestly, you should expect like "50 shades of Konafa" during Ramadan ...

To be fair, avocado isn't the first to creep its way into our beloved konafa. Remember nutella konafa?

Konafa was pimped way before avocado took over

Source: Instagram

Meet the "Molten Lava Konafa"

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But, seriously is the classic konafa not enough?

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This isn't ENOUGH?