Arab fans of House of Cards have been eagerly awaiting the fifth season of the popular Netflix series along with the rest of the world. 

Although the show released in Western countries on Tuesday, fans throughout the Middle East and North Africa were taken aback when they logged into their Netflix accounts and couldn't find the new season.

According to the official Netflix MENA Twitter account, due to licensing issues, fans throughout the region will have to wait until June 30 to stream the new season through their accounts.

This definitely ruined some diehard fans Tuesday evening plans.

Despite the disappointment, Netflix MENA shared a clever explanation

In a video uploaded to social media, House of Cards character Doug Stamper, the Chief of Staff for President Frank Underwood, explained that licensing rights are a lot like "passing a bill, it takes time."

"Trust me, this isn't what I had in mind either," Stamper says in the video. 

He goes on to suggest this is a test of loyalty. Will fans wait until June 30 or give up on the series? 

Some are laughing at the idea of waiting

Because people were obviously finding other ways to watch it off of Netflix

DVDs of the new season are already available in shops throughout Arab cities. Many fans are also watching it through other online streaming services. 

It looks like Doug Stamper is going to be disappointed by the lack of loyalty