The Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade's plans to ban the all-new DC Comics movie Wonder Woman has been causing an uproar since the state-run National News Agency (NNA) announced the news on Monday.

The ministry has reportedly demanded that the General Directorate of Public Security withdraw the film from Lebanese theaters as it features an Israeli lead actress.

"The Ministry of Economy and Trade announced Monday the adoption of necessary measures to ban the screening of 'Wonder Woman' Movie in Lebanese cinemas due to the starring of the Israeli actress Gal Gadot in said movie," NNA reported.

Whether or not the ministry's efforts prove fruitful remains to be seen, as the movie is still set to hit the screens on June 1 in major movie theaters such as Cinema City and Vox Cinemas

Speaking to Arab News on condition of anonymitya representative of a cinema chain in Lebanon said that a premiere screening has been planned for Tuesday evening.

The ministry justified its demand to ban Wonder Woman by citing the nationality of the film's lead actress, Gal Gadot, who is not only Israeli, but is also a strong supporter of the Israeli military. 

The 2004 Miss Israel served in the Israeli army for two years and has previously voiced her support for the Israeli military forces on her official Facebook page.

The ministry also mentioned a decree issued by the Arab League in 2016, calling for the ban of any movie featuring Gal Gadot.

The ban comes in line with Lebanon's efforts to boycott the supporters of Israel and Israeli-affiliated businesses, a task handed to the Bureau for the Boycott of Israel at the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Lebanon officially considers Israel an enemy state, with some lands in southern Lebanon still occupied by Israel. 

Many spoke out against the ban

Some noted inconsistency in the government's attempts to boycott

Some movies with Israeli producers or actors, such as Fast and Furious and Batman V Superman, have not been banned from screening in Lebanon. 

In its statement, the Ministry of Economy stated that it had taken the necessary measures to block Batman v Superman, which also included the Israeli actress, through a request to the General Directorate of Security.

Meanwhile, many others applauded Lebanon's efforts

Even people outside Lebanon, and in the West, have called out Gal's Zionism and decided to boycott the film

With Israel's ongoing oppression and daily crimes committed against the Palestinians, it is no surprise that people around the world have spoken out against the film and called for a boycott. "We cannot keep letting people who support oppression be given roles and platforms in our society," Tharushi Hetti wrote in Affinity Magazine