In Ramadan families gather to spend some time together and many choose to spend their quality time with their loved ones watching TV. 

This, of course, gives enterprises the perfect opportunity to market their products and services with brilliant and often captivating ads. 

Some are seriously extra and here are the finest ones out there. 

1. It starts with Zein denouncing terrorism

"We will counter their attacks of hatred with songs of love, from now until happiness." These are the lyrics to Hussain Al Jassmi's newest song for mobile telecommunications company Zein. 

2. Mobily's ad featuring popular celebrities from the Gulf!

Just another Ramadan tribute from the Saudi telecommunications company and Majid Al-Muhandis. It serves to remind us why we love the holy month and await its return every year. 

3. NBK inspiring charity

Funny and witty! 

4. Not to mention the utter hilarity of Henedy

Brought to you by Orange Egypt. 

5. Pepsi Arabia: Don't give up on your dreams

Featuring Saudi athletes Halah Al-hamrani,  Yahya Al-Shehri, Nawaf Al-Abed, and others, this ad will make you feel motivated! 

6. Having a hard time with exams? Watch this!

Assala and Hamaki are the perfect combination. Bravo, Etislalat Misr!

7. Always be optimistic ... brought to you by Al Marai

If you're too busy to watch any shows or series this Ramadan, some will definitely inspire you.  

Ramadan Mubarak <3