You'll never come across the hashtags that trend on Saudi Twitter anywhere else. More often than not, viral hashtags in the kingdom are out of this world, to say the least.

From the outrageous to the ridiculous, here are a few that actually trended on the kingdom's Twitter:

1. On asking people how many times they shower a day

Welcome to Saudi Twitter. 

2. On making love declarations

"Reem I love you so much, I swear," caused quite the stir on Saudi Twitter. 

3. On bride-hunting

He labelled himself a handsome thirty-year-old. 

4. On whether men would cook for their wives

We're serious, this hit top trends

5. On asking Saudi men if they'd marry women who can't cook

The obsession with ridiculous gender-roles is real

6. On weddings

"Are our weddings celebrations or events where evil occurs?"

7. On asking authorities to "make polygamy compulsory"

And it happened in 2017

8. On whether women would marry overweight men

9. On the one that redefines ridiculous

"My women won't drive."